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Circular Economy in the emerging markets in Latin America

This thesis exploits Circular Economy in the emerging markets in Latin America. The aim is to identify possibilities to apply Circular Economy in emerging markets in Latin America. Therefore, the available literature is studied including the model Circular Economy and its goals and opportunities. The opportunities of appling a Circular Economy in a country are higher economically and environmentally than when utilizing a linear economy model. Moreover, the usage of the Circular Economy in Europe is assessed. The European Union started to employ first ideas of a Circular Economy in European countries. Several European companies have commenced project or change of their business model using Circular Economy. Additionally, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation is driving the concept, conducting studies and supporting companies and governments with their intentions of utilizing the model. For an optimal analysis of the possibilities the emerging markets, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru were studied. The study included the political, economical, social and environmental situation. After the evaluation of the concept, an application in Europe and an analysis of the situation in each emerging country a conclusion was established for each country and the possibilities provided through a Circular Economy model. Furthermore, a general conclusion is excecuted. The emerging markets in Latin America are in different political, economical and social situation resulting in a diverse conditions in Latin America. As the concept is also fairly new and has not been applied widely, evaluating the possibilities of an application is difficult. However, the emerging markets have to diversify their industries, change their regulations and make the right investements to be able to profit from the advantages of a Circular Economy. The thesis additionally faced various limitations as each countries situation could not be analysed into detail due to limited sources and a continously evolving political, economical and social environment. Moreover, the topic Circular Economy is a new approach which reduces the possible references and the application of the model. All in all, it can be concluded that further research in the future is necessary to dectect the possibilities in detail and that from the current situation it is still a long way to a Cirular Economy in the emerging markets in Latin America.
Theresa Köber
Input By: 
Francisco Lozano Winterhalder
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Extraction & Processing
Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru
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